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In Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions Christopher Harrison combines business, finance, and legal expertise to provide an essential and highly accessible overview of the complicated and often labyrinthous M&A process. Showing how legal form conditions the economic outlook, he reveals what it takes to support a business strategy with a legal framework and what the economic ramifications of specific deal terms and their interrelations might be.

Intended as a tool for both business leaders and lawyers as well as students who aspire to such roles, Make the Deal not only offers a comprehensive and comprehensible compendium of deal terminology, but also provides a road map of how the various terms interact, how to negotiate one point with all the others in mind, and how to organize a successful deal process: compelling war stories highlight what is at stake; sample provisions give examples of clear, effective deal language; and easily readable graphics synthesize exhaustive deal study data to give the practitioner and the student a keen sense for the realities of the M&A market.




"Make the Deal by Chris Harrison, a highly regarded M&A practitioner and adjunct professor at the NYU School of Law, is a very useful text for both experienced M&A lawyers and for young lawyers seeking useful guidance in preparing and negotiating a merger agreement. War stories and sample contract provisions are used to illustrate a sophisticated analysis of merger agreements. All the key provisions of merger agreements are covered as well as advice for negotiating them."

Marty Lipton, founder of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

... this book could be of significant benefit to CFA charterholders working on M&As, especially those who have moved into corporate development, private equity, or an M&A department. These readers should readily understand the investment metrics and rationale for an M&A transaction but might have less familiarity with the relevant contractual provisions.

Arnold T. Davis, Financial Analysts Journal, Volume 11, CFA Institute, 2016